Our Services


Neighbors to sites with antennas for mobile telecommunication are often concerned about the level of electromagnetic radiation. These concerns sometimes lead to difficult and strained relations. Alphadecimal is in this sense typically ordered to verify the level of EMR and to elaborate the measurements into an easy readable and understandable report, which can be handed over to neighbors.

EMF Measurement is carried out to check whether radiations by cell site antennas are within guidelines specified by ICNIRP.

Alphadecimal can perform electromagnetic measurements with highly specialized equipment, which are certified, every second year.

A very broad range of E-field frequencies are covered - radio, television, mobile, Wi-Fi, local networks and many others services.


We are specialized in EMF Measurement and provide wide range of services

  • EMF Survey and Testing
  • Broadband Measurement
  • Self Certification
  • Data verification and NEP upload
  • EMF measurement using calculation method
  • Narrowband Measurement
  • Bi-annual submission