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In today's fiercely competitive Wireless scenario, key competitive lead for any operator is to have a intense understanding of how the end-user perceives their Quality of Experience (QoE), which greatly impacts their overall satisfaction. Alphadecimal's Benchmarking Services provides this QoE insight to wireless carriers by delivering business intelligence to maximize customer satisfaction to reduce churn, increase ARPU and increase ROI of CapEx and OpEx.

Alphadecimal maintains a large inventory of latest test and measurement equipment, which is calibrated and upgraded to meet latest technological benchmarking requirements

  • Definition benchmarking periodicity
  • Drive test data collection for all technologies (2G/3G/HSPA+/LTE)
  • Drive test data processing and comparative analysis of all operators and with data for the previous benchmark
  • Reduce time spent on processing and analyzing QoS of several cellular operators
  • Standardize and automate engineering practices for Benchmarking report preparation across the entire engineering organization
  • Voice Reports - Voice quality is benchmarking using Mean Opinion Score (MOS) for audio and call quality. Voice reports also contain network information such as call statistics, receiver power and converge
  • Data Reports - Data stream quality is benchmarked using upload and downloads speeds, as well as internet connection speed. Analysis of the data quality (Voice Mean Opinion Score (MOS) for VOIP or Video Stream with Mean Opinion Score (MOS)). These reports also include information like bit error rates, throughput, and timings
  • Scanner Reports - Scanner reports contain strictly network strength measurements like signal strength and signal-to-noise ratio